A Course I Wish Would Never End


Have you ever read a book that you didn’t want to end?  You know, when you want to know how it ends, but wish the story could go on forever.  That’s how I feel about the Social Media Marketing course I’m taking.  I’m in the home stretch of a 12-week, on-line, Mini-MBA program that’s offered by Rutgers University’s Center for Management Development (CMD).  It’s the single most enjoyable and informative class I’ve ever taken.

Each week, we are taught by some of the best and brightest in the social media marketing world, and they never disappoint.  While my classroom is a virtual one, I feel like I’m having a personal conversation with each instructor.  They are truly gifted speakers and presenters. They have captivated me with facts and figures and the latest knowledge available on their respective topics.  They’ve made me feel both smart and clueless at the same time with the realization of just how much there is to learn.

While I had managed Facebook and Twitter accounts before taking this class, I had no idea of the awesome power of social media marketing as a whole.  It’s changing the world as we know it – how we communicate, build relationships, market and grow businesses, and make purchases – and it’s happening fast, at lightning speed, in fact. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and countless other social media platforms, we have the power to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time of day or night.  Seems impossible, but it’s true and it’s happening right before our eyes.

So what’s a marketer to do?  Get prepared.  Go online and explore, read everything you can, talk to the experts, and consider taking this course.  Through interactive exercises and case study after incredible case study, you’ll learn about the various social media platforms and who’s visiting them, the importance of having a social media policy, legal implications to social media marketing, mobile media marketing, connecting with and engaging influencers, how to use listening channels, content marketing and how and why to blog, creating a social media marketing strategy, measuring social media’s return on investment, how to convince management to embrace this new way of marketing, and so much more.   Plus, you will have direct access to your instructors each week during a virtual office hour.

Is it a lot of work?  Yes.  Does it take a lot of time?  Yes. Do you learn more than you could ever have imagined?  Yes, so much so, that you won’t want it to end.  To find out more, visit cmd@rutgers.edu and prepare to be amazed.



About Mary Jane Kinkade

I am the Director of Marketing and Development at Our Lady of Mercy Academy, South Jersey's premier Catholic high school for young women. I am mom to three amazing kids, married to my best friend, and happiest when at the beach (writing, of course!).
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3 Responses to A Course I Wish Would Never End

  1. Stacy says:

    Thanks for sharing. Learning something new is very time consuming and scary at first but the rewards will be great!


  2. MJ, so glad to hear that you enjoyed the Rutgers program so much! Thanks for sharing!


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