Tis the Season for Making #H2H Connections

Tis the season Christmas ribbon

This week was a great one!  Business was good.  My kids were healthy and doing well in school.  My hubby was happy that his football team won on Sunday, and I re-connected with three old friends and mentors on LinkedIn.  While, I connect with people on LinkedIn all the time, there’s something extra special about rekindling old friendships with people who played a role in shaping your career – and life.

You may be wondering why, if these people were so important, I lost contact in the first place.  Well, sometimes life just takes over!  We all get busy, move on to new jobs, start families, send kids to college, and before you know it, 20 years have gone by.  It happens in the blink of an eye.  Try as we might to keep in touch, it does not always happen.  We’re only human after all…

The good news is that social media platforms like LinkedIn are helping us mere mortals to re-kindle relationships of old, as well as form brand new ones.  It’s happening every day and all around the world.  We all talk about B2B and B2C, but H2H (Human to Human) is where it’s at today.  Personally, I rather like it that way.

We all want to do business with people we know, trust and like.  That means it’s important for businesses to show their human side.  Be empathetic, genuine and ridiculously helpful.  Be a friend.

With the holiday season upon us, there’s no better time to reach out and touch those who are near and dear.  With social media at your fingertips you have all the tools you need to do it.  Select the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more!) that your customers use the most, and communicate.

Take time to thank them.  Ask them about their New Year’s resolutions and how you can serve them better in 2015.  Do a customer survey.  Blog about their successes.  Preview Resolutions Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Clouds and Sky.new products and services.  Whether you’re in plumbing and heating, retail, food service, lawn care, accounting, or one of a billion other types of businesses, let your customers know that you’ll be there when you need them.  Let them know you care.

While you’re at it, plug in the names of a few friends or co-workers from your past.  You might be pleasantly surprised by who you find and how willing they are to re-connect.  Old friends are the best.  They already know, trust and admire you – and you them.  In business, that’s more than half the battle.  In life, it’s everything, so bring them back to your present and into your future – and together, make it bright.

How are you connecting with your customers this holiday season?  I’d love to know. Please use the contact form below to share your thoughts and ideas.  Thanks!


About Mary Jane Kinkade

I am the Director of Marketing and Development at Our Lady of Mercy Academy, South Jersey's premier Catholic high school for young women. I am mom to three amazing kids, married to my best friend, and happiest when at the beach (writing, of course!).
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